Monday, December 20, 2010

Saying goodbye to part of my past... so sad!

Old Nisson's closed this November. I stopped in one last time while down for Thanksgiving. I worked here from the age of 15 to the end of high school. Two of my sisters worked here also. I grew up going here for penny candy. It seems like went at least once a week while growing up. Here is Quentin Nisson. One of the sweetest, neatest old men I know. He is 93 now. I gave him a hug goodbye and he kissed me on the cheek. I had to choke back my tears.
Here is a bit of history of the store.In the mail this week I got this wonder print of a painting a lady from my home town of Washington painted. My longtime friend Lacey sent it to me for Christmas. She worked at the 2nd Nisson's grocery store while I worked at the Nisson's V&S store. She said it made her think of me and the good ol'times. Many, many Washington City people are so sad to see this place go. We will miss you Mr. Nisson!


Tam said...

It's sad to see places that play such a huge part of your past go. They demo'd the DQ I worked at in HS and one of my old elementary schools. So sad!

Anonymous said...

Didn't we go there with you guys when we visited as kids. We walked to it, and ate our candy on the way back. I enjoyed that place too! It was exciting to have a place so close by to visit.