Saturday, January 17, 2009

In Toquerville the day after Christmas

This year we were pretty busy visiting most of our families. The kids have 5 sets of grandparents, some great and great-great grandparents on top of that. (They are not spoiled) We went down to Toquerville to visit our Hendrickson family the day after Christmas. Grandma Patsi always organizes good, fun family activities. We did hygiene kits, had a yummy dinner, played lots of games, and to top it off we did a talent show. It was a blast! There was singing, the playing of homemade instruments, skits and Paige, Josh, & Grayson did the Hokey Pokey. You will see below Preston took a picture of them putting their left hand in. The kids also drew names and exchanged gift. Good times all around!

Grandma Patsi was beaming watching all of her grandchildren together.

Emily and Pyper were getting to know each other.

They already love each other and were showing it!

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