Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Visiting family in St.George

While visiting Mam & Grumpy my friend Trisa and her family came over for dinner. What ever the kids ask my mom (Mam) to do she would do it. Preston said he wanted Ginger Ale & Root Beer mixed together.. so she did it. Then all the kids had to try it.

My niece Annie was in a bad mood. She did not want me taking pictures of her.

This is my cute little nephew James. He was not shy. He held his arms up for me to hold him and snuggled me. Loved it!

Look at all the snow! We go to St.George to get out of it. It snowed and snowed while we were down there.

This is My sister Sharon's 15 month old Carter. He is amazing on my parents stairs. Check him out!


Anna Neilson said...

you have the cutest little family! You guys look so happy. I hope the best for you all. Happy Holidays!!

Brittany said...

Wow...I'm glad to see you've been having fun! I have been a blog slacker and have not checked in on your for awhile. I loved all your recent posts. I'm glad you had a nice Christmas.

Sarah said...

Anytime Preston wants to mix drinks, tell him J-dog will help. Cereals too. James is very "creative" in the kitchen.

SteveJ said...

Hey, WAY CUTE FAMILY! I was just looking at you web blog and it is so cool to see your family. Hope all is well. Thanks for the comments on our site! --thats how we found you--- Steve and Megan Johnson