Sunday, October 5, 2008

We will pay Dr. Bromley's bills this month

Dr.Bromley is our family dentist. The kids love him. I took the kids in because one of Riley's fillings fell out of her tooth, and it was time for their check-ups and cleanings. Riley had 5 cavities, and Preston had 3. He filled 2 of Riley’s while we were there last week and rescheduled the rest. Here is her fun numb smile:

Preston has a dead tooth from a fall a while back. He told me it was loose and was wiggling it like crazy on Thursday. I knew this tooth was the dead one and it also was one that had a cavity on it. I let him go for it. I did not know that he should not be loosing this front upper tooth until he was 6 or 7. The next morning Preston told me that he had a bump on his lip. I looked down and his lip was very swollen:
I was very worried. I called Dr.Bromley who is not in the office on Fridays. He told me that he could not be in the office until that afternoon. I asked him if it would be okay if I tried to pull it. He said I could but not to try until closer to when he could see him just in case. I waited until lunch time. By this time I could see a huge abscess (bump of puss) above the tooth:
About an hour later Preston was in tears and I was close to it. I was not cut out for this. Our next door neighbor Nate was at our house working on the electrical for the basement. He took a try. It did not come out. I called my friend Hailey who is a hygienist to come take a try. She did, and it was not coming out. She said the root on the tooth was still very long.
I called the Dr. and he took care of poor little Preston that afternoon. I guess it is common for a tooth to abscess when it is dead, and Preston’s dirty hands in his mouth trying to pull it the day before probably did not help.


The Butterfields said...

Ouch! I will continue to be grateful we haven't had any cavities at our house!

Lis said...

Yikes! No fun. I didn't know you had a blog, good to see what you guys are up to on the homefront. As for the picture in the adds, that was all about the leaves I am sure of it! :) Thanks though.

The Mitchell Family said...

The denist most certainly is the worst at times and then there are times where I have been so grateful to him. I think it's unfortunate that based on genetics some kids have horrible cavity issues (ie Paislee) and others who take less care of their teeth have no cavities (ie Ella). Hopefully your check ups are brighter in the future!

Trina said...

What a cute picture of Riley. Poor Preston with the dead tooth. Tatum has a dead one right in front too. She's seven and the little thing still hasn't come out. It'll probably have to be pulled, she bumped it when she was two. I'll be watching it even more now after seeing the picture of Preston. Poor guy.

Daisy Paige said...

Oh my, how painful. It will be exciting to see Preston's new smile tomorrow night!