Tuesday, August 30, 2011

End of June- Laura and her kids visit Utah

They slept in these "tents" made with blankets and chairs in our basement. All of the kids are in the tents so you can't see them! We went to the Nisson Park and played in the ditch. Pyper fell head over hills for Rowen! These two were so cute together!

Ellie hung out with us looking a lot like this most of the time.

Played in the red dirt (aka mud) in Grumpy and Mam's back yard.

Sam really got in to it!

His mom though it was great!It was fun to sit and watch the kids. They got in to a big water fight. That is never a big deal because it is so hot there, you dry in no time.Pyper made good use of her water balloons!

Mamah even got in to the water fight and sprayed everyone, even Ellie! That was mean!

It's always nice sittin on the swing with grumpy! Hank is just laughing!

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Sarah said...

Wow! All of a sudden Pyper looks 13! Where did the time go???