Sunday, May 1, 2011

I'll beat you with my teddy bear

Pyper has been in a singing class with a group of about 8 little girls ages 2-3. She was going every Monday for a half hour. It was the highlight of her week. This past Friday they did their recital. Here she is just before we left. Don't you love our lava rock wall painted white in the background! When it was Pyper's turn to sing her solo, "Me and My Teddy Bear" the little girl on the end was swinging around her bear and accidentally hit Pyper with it. Pyper stopped singing mid-song and starting hitting the little girl back with her teddy bear. Here is the picture I took of it. You can see her bear in mid-swing.
Jon got a clip of it on his cell phone. I hope it works.



Shannon said...

It is great that you got video footage of the teddy bear fight. Awesome!

Trina said...


Jeremy Reynolds Family said...

Oh that is too cute!

Alton clan said...

hahaha...that's too funny. good for her to fight back and not just take it :)