Friday, January 14, 2011

New Year's Eve

This year for New Years Eve we went over to Jon's parents house. We had another get together that we all could enjoy. Gavin and Troy were in town!
(Below Grandpa Moser is enjoying a treat off the cup cake holders I got while doing my after Christmas shopping with the Hendrickson gals.)
Cute boys! Since this is my last baby, and all of Jon's siblings are done having kids, below are the only Grandsons there will be.
We opened gifts from each other since we knew we would all be together this day.
Great-Grandma Jones is showing Pyper how her gift works.

Jon brought over some fire works. He, Grandpa Moser and most of the grandkids went out side to let them off. They came back in to the house laughing. So it must have been a good time. I sent Riley out with the camera. It was way too cold for me!
Just enjoying each other.
We played the Candy Bar game again. Even Great-Grandma Jones joined in this time!
These two gals were out before the party was over. We left Grandma Moser's house and headed home a little after 11:00. Preston really wanted to stay up for the new year. We had to wake him up a couple of minutes before the ball dropped. We had a big family hug and then it was off to bed. What a crazy, wonderful year this was for us! Sure do love my life and family!

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