Sunday, May 2, 2010

Bad boys, bad boys, what cha go-na do, what cha go-na do when Jon comes for you?

Law Enforcement Commencement Graduation
The last and one of the best things that happened this April is Jon finishing the Police Academy! I almost cry looking at these pictures I am so happy!

This was just before the graduation got started. Pyper wanted her dad. She threw 2 fits after this picture because the ceremony started she wanted her dad and she could not go to him.
Presentation of his certificate
His cheering section.


Megan said...

That is so awesome...CONGRATS!!!

Deborah Raymond said...

Fantastic! That is a lot of hard work for all of you to get to this day. Congratulations.

Britanie said...

Congrats Jon that's fantastic!

T-rent said...

That's so amazing! I'll be honest I didn't even know he was doing that! How cool!!! Congrats to you all!