Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Lake Powell in June with the Hendricksons & the Olsens

We were at Lake Powell last week. It was so much fun. We did not go at all last year because I was pregnant and then had a new baby. So, it made this year all the better. Despite the bad wind one of the days, it was a wonderful trip for us. We did not mind the rain, but it was horrible for those in tents.

Here are the people who make it happen and have so for many, many years!Wayne and Caleen Olsen and Doug and Patsi Hendrickson. We love them!

Pyper loved the lake. She was held and kissed by many people. She got her daily dose of sand. She took her naps and was happy to be there. Her first tooth broke through while we were there.
Preston skied for the first time! It was very exciting!
This is Riley right after she finished skiing. She loves it out on the water. She even tried knee boarding for the first time.
Pyper loves Riley. If Riley walks by with out picking her up she gets upset.
There were lots of boys and dump trucks this trip. There would be as much as four of them at a time driving all over camp. They even made a road that circled around and through our camp. It was hilarious! Preston was not sorry if you got in his way and he ran you over. He had an attitude of “this is my road so stay out of my way!” ( Sorta reminded me of Grandpa Doug :0)… Of course I talked to him about it.) Here are three of them taking a quick break before heading out again.
Cory Ashby makes everything about the lake a blast. He is always cracking jokes and enjoying himself. He was the biggest kid out there. The last night we were able to enjoy a camp fire. Cory spontaneously started a race with all of the kids. I will also try and show a video of just a small part of it.


Deborah Raymond said...

Great pictures! Looks like a ton of fun too.

Megan said...

Caleen is such a hoot. I use to work with her. I am glad you had a fun time and that your kids enjoyed it too.

Plain Jame said...
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Plain Jame said...

I love Lake Powell - I haven't been forever and I really want to go. I struggle because I have a real fear of deep dark water, but still I've gone so much growing up it's just a longing I need to fill!
Jon has NEVER been to powell either - sad huh?

Hopie said...

Looks like a BLAST!!!!