Friday, June 5, 2009

Road trip to Kanab

We went down to Kanab to see my niece Ashley get baptized. Silly me I took very little pictures. We stayed in a Holiday Inn Express with Don and Holly’s family. The next morning we all woke up feeling smarter! We played lots of games, saw some old friends, and enjoyed family. We stayed in Toquerville the next night. It sure made me miss living down there.
Here is the view from my seat looking back. What a great view!

Grandma Patsi got the boys all the same outfit a while back. Hunter and Preston were excited to have on the same shirt. Can you see the love in Hunters face?

Here is a cute one of my girls.

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Plain Jame said...

How cute! I miss it down there alot too. Glad you had fun - I love your guts!