Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Vegas Wedding Pictures

In a previous blog (2 years of being a Palmer) I told about Jon and I jetting down to Vegas to get married in July of 2006. I just received the pictures from my wonderful friend Hillary. Here they are:

We had to look for the marriage license building. We found it (an adventure in its self) and Jon and I went in to do the paper work.

The people inside were very interesting. It was fun and crazy that we were doing this!

THE ENTERTAINMENT...While we were inside the rest of our group waited outside. This security guy decided they needed a lecture on how to have a good marriage. Hillary asked him how many years he had been married. He said he was not married that he had been divorced 3 times.

Jon and I got the paper work and headed back out to the rest of the group. Now off to the wedding chapel

THE CHAPEL... It was so glamorous. The same chapel Britney Spears had gotten married in. Because of that we knew our marriage would be great!

Here we are doing a little more paperwork. Signing our license and all the formalities.

OUR WITNESS... Paige and Hillary were our witnesses.

THE REFRESHMENTS... Oh yah! We went all out!

THE WEDDING PARTY... Here were the people who made the night so fun from start to finish. We laughed all night... even during the ceremony. Most of you might think Jon and I are nuts to go to Vegas to get married. Some of you even expressed that we were! But, we had already done the whole big wedding with the entire family thing. We were already sealed to our deceased spouses, so no need for anything else. GOOD TIMES!

(Left to right) Anna, Russ & Hillary, Jon & I, Paige & Josh


Hopie said...

Fun pictures!!! Now I have 2 friends that were married at THAT wedding chapel!!! So fun!!!

Sarah said...

You look beautiful in your wedding dress! I think the Vegas wedding was perfect for you and Jon!

The Butterfields said...

I still think you were crazy, but we are glad Jon is part of our family, so I guess it all worked out!

Plain Jame said...

I'm so glad you posted that. We've talked about it a few times, and so it was awesome to see the pictures!
What neat friends/family you had there to see and support you in such a fun time. Love ya girl!

Heidi said...

That's so cool you eloped, that's what I want to do! It looked very fun and very wedding's should be!
The refreshments were AWESOME! I'll be sure to tell everyone to bring some change!

Nathan and Dianna Wiley said...

Not many people get the experience of a Vegas fun!! You two look like you are laughing and having such a great time... Loved the pictures, I could only imagine it in person. Did Elvis sing for you?? =)

Tam said...

Classic...Love it! I especially appreciate that the "experienced" security guard decided to pipe in his two cents. Very fun.

Daisy Paige said...

We look like one giant polygamist family in the last picture, holding each other's spouses hands and all.

That night was seriously so. much. FUN! I'm so glad I could be a part of your 'scandalous union.' And you should be thrilled to have such an attractive photo of my elbow on hand. Never know when you'll need it!

Brittany said...

You guys are wild & crazy! Thanks for sharing your fun adventure. I love it.

Dartay said...

You are a rebel for sure! That was fun to learn about you two, I love blogs!