Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Family Prayer

We never know what to expect when Preston says the dinner prayer or the family prayer before bed. Jon and I have a hard time not opening our eyes and looking at each other smiling during his prayers. He thanks Heavenly Father for "the doors to go in and out, the windows that open, the right side of the back yard, the left side of the back yard, and all the wonderful things in the world,” among other things. I wish I could record all of his prayers. His prayers always last the longest and we enjoy them so much!


Daisy Paige said...

So was this picture taken during the actual prayer, or was this just a simulation?

Wonderwoman said...

I too, love Preston's prayers. It is always so cute when he is at our house and says one of the prayers. I also love that he always wants to be the one to pray. Hopefully it is something he holds on to as he grows. Preston is such a sweet and tender child.

The Palmers said...

I was on the couch holding Pyper. Preston was saying the prayer and the camara was sitting on the coffee table. I got it and took a picture. I just wanted to save the moment!